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When a Toothache Requires Dental Care

What if your body was experiencing a major emergency and you didn’t even know it?

When you’re dealing with a painful toothache, it can be difficult to know whether or not you are experiencing a dental emergency or not. And if you actually need emergency dental care and don’t know it, you can end up causing some serious damage to the rest of your teeth and even the rest of your body.

Not sure whether you’re currently dealing with a dental emergency or not? Keep reading to discover what kinds of toothache require emergency dental care.

A Loose Tooth


As a child, it’s pretty common for you to experience loose teeth, with the teeth eventually falling out and getting replaced. But loose teeth are serious as an adult because you won’t be getting any natural tooth replacements if one falls out!

Sometimes, loose teeth are signs of a tooth injury. But other factors can loosen them, including nerve damage, jaw damage, and even a mouth infection. Basically, if your tooth is loose and you don’t know why, then you need emergency dental care!

Bleeding Gums


Some people experience bleeding of the gums when they brush their teeth. In fact, some experience this so often that they think it is relatively normal. But take it from us: if you have a healthy mouth and healthy teeth, you shouldn’t be bleeding from the gums.

For the most part, bleeding gums are a warning sign that you are experiencing gingivitis or perhaps even gum disease. In addition to bleeding, other warning signs include swelling gums, painful gums, or even a funny smell when flossing.

The longer this goes on, the worse your dental health will get. But if you visit the dental office sooner rather than later, they can help to reverse the damage and make your mouth healthy again.

A Broken Tooth


At first glance, this one might look like a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t go to the dentist if they have a broken tooth? But figuring out what is going on is sometimes easier said than done.

For example, it’s fairly common for teeth to get chipped. If your tooth is chipped but you aren’t experiencing any pain, then there is no need to seek emergency care for your teeth.

But if a chipped tooth is very painful, then you are experiencing a dental emergency. In fact, the pain usually serves as a major warning sign when it comes to your dental health.

Severe Tooth Pain


You know those charts at the doctor’s office where you have to rank how much pain you are experiencing? Think of it this way: if your tooth pain is near the top of that chart, then it’s time for you to find the nearest reliable dentist office.

Sometimes, the pain is mild enough for you to manage on your own, with or without some over-the-counter dental treatments, then this is not a dental emergency. But if the pain is distracting you from work or family matters, or if it has gotten worse since it first began, then you need to seek out emergency care right away!

Signs of Swelling


If you experience swelling somewhere on your face, you may not immediately associate this issue with your teeth. But not only are these issues likely to be related, but your health could be in very serious danger.

That is because such swelling may be a sign of a dental infection that is starting to spread. Such swelling may be visible on your face, your gums, or even your lymph nodes.

At first, such an infection will be localized to your mouth. The last thing you want is for this infection to move into your bloodstream, so be sure to speak with a good dentist about your swelling right away.

A Dental Abscess


One reason it can be confusing to determine whether you need emergency care or not is that you might not know what you are dealing with. For example, a dental abscess is a major sign you need to go to the dentist, but the average person doesn’t know what such an abscess looks or feels like.

Basically, this is a very painful infection that usually starts at the root of a tooth. It can develop after a sudden accident (like one of your teeth getting chipped). But it can also develop if another dental issue has gone too long without getting treated (like a cavity or gum disease).

If you really do have an abscess, there may be other warning signs such as fever, swollen glands, pus, or a weird smell in your mouth. Basically, if you have major pain along with any or all of these other symptoms, you are likely dealing with an abscess.

You Start Tasting Pennies


We saved the strangest warning sign for last, and here it is. If you suddenly start experiencing a penny-like taste in your mouth, then you need to go to the dentist right away.

Why is that? If you have previously had a crown or filling, then the material they used (like the classic gold crown) is typically made with copper. And if the crown or filling is coming loose, it can make you suddenly feel like you are sucking on a penny inside your mouth.

If you do experience such a taste, you need to seek a dentist sooner rather than later. When crowns or fillings are loose, you are likelier to develop cavities and infections. But the sooner you seek reliable emergency dental care, the sooner a dentist can take care of the problem.

Get the Emergency Dental Care You Need Today


Now you know the major warning signs that you need emergency dental care. But do you know who to turn to when you’re having a dental emergency?

Here at The Dental Team is located in Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, and Vaughan/Maple, Canada.  We specialize in helping with your pain and giving you control of your life back. To discover the difference a great dentist makes, just contact us today!

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