Is it time for a dental checkup?

Dental Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings are a vital component of your oral health. It’s not always easy to make time for this important service and find a convenient dental office you’ll want to return to again and again. 

The staff at The Dental Team are here to serve you. We help you with routine dental cleanings and other dental services as they arise. Contact us to set up an appointment whenever you need dental cleaning.

Why You Need Dental Cleanings

Sometimes dental cleanings can get put on the back burner. We get busy with life and forget just how important it is to stay on top of this service. There are a few good reasons you need to schedule regular cleanings for a healthier mouth: 

Maintain Your Oral Health

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy not only gives you a brighter smile, it also impacts other areas of your health. You want to avoid infections and other issues before they cause more serious problems. 

Prevent Gum Disease

Lots of plaque buildup on your teeth can lead to gum disease, which you can prevent with routine dental cleanings and regular visits. 

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Contact an emergency care dentist if you’re having any of these issues. Explain what’s happening, and don’t minimize the pain you’re feeling. They will guide you to the best options for your situation. 

The more routine you make your dental cleanings, the fewer dental issues you’ll have. The Dental Team is here to help when you’re ready to get on top of your regular cleanings and prioritize your oral health. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment

Smile Gallery

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Why the Dental Team Is Your Trusted Partner for Dental Cleanings

The Dental Team is a family-oriented business, and we treat patients of all ages at our 10 locations. We strive to make you feel comfortable, no matter what service you need. Here are a few reasons why you should trust The Dental Team for your dental cleanings: 

  • An internal network of dental care experts, including general dentists, dental specialists, and dental hygienists
  • We have 10 dental offices in the GTA, pick your location here
  • Transparent pricing and insurance plan acceptance
  • Extended evening and Saturday hours
  • Dental emergencies are a same-day priority
  • Free parking

We have 28 general dentists to better serve you. We can provide same-day emergency dental services when you’re in a pinch. Schedule your appointment for a crown or bridge consultation now. 

The Dental Team Is Your Go-To for Dental Cleanings

The Dental Team delivers professional, friendly service. We will walk you through what to expect and look into your dental insurance to help you to know what will or won’t be covered. 

When you need a dental cleaning visit one of our 10 locations near you in Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, or Vaughan, Ontario.  It can be easy to put off dental cleanings, but they’re a health essential. Schedule your appointment with The Dental Team to prevent cavities and gum disease.  Our team provides emergency dental services, fillings, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, and more, in addition to our routine dental cleaning. 

Upcoming Holiday Hours

Our offices will be closed on April 7-8, 2023 in observance of the Easter holiday.