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Nightguards and Sports Guards

Nightguards and sports guards are an excellent way to protect yourself or your children from risks associated with grinding their teeth at night or playing sports. They can be an essential tool to ensure good dental health.

The Dental Team creates custom nightguards and sports guards for patients of any age at our locations across  Ontario, including Creditview Creek, Mavis Bristol, Sunny Ridge, Meadow, Hillsview, Heart Lake, Bronte Hill, and Maplewoods. Contact one of our offices today for more info.

Signs You Need Nightguards and Sports Guards

Nightguards protect your teeth from damage if you grind your teeth at night. Sports guards, in contrast, protect your mouth from injury if you play contact sports or sports with other risks of injury. 

Signs You Need Nightguards and Sports Guards

Here are signs you may need an athletic mouthguard:


Bruxism is grinding your teeth at night. You should contact a dentist to explore the benefits of a nightguard as soon as possible if you suffer from this condition.

Playing Sports

Contact sports such as football, basketball, wrestling, and soccer can present a significant risk of injury to your mouth, and many leagues require young players to use sports guards. Sports such as ice skating and skateboarding carry a risk of falling and injuring your mouth.

Signs of Grinding

Many people aren’t aware they grind their teeth at night. Those who experience jaw pain, worn tooth enamel, morning headaches, or tired jaw muscles should consult a dentist to see if grinding is an issue.

Nightguards create a soft layer between your teeth so that you can grind them without wearing down the enamel, while sports guards cushion impact to prevent damage to your teeth. Nightguards and athletic mouthguards are far less expensive than emergency dental care or restorative work.

What to Expect When Getting Nightguards and Sports Guards

Your dentist will talk with you about why you need a nightguard or sports guard. They will work through the following steps with you to create your custom mouthguard:

Dental Impressions

Dental impressions give us critical information about the shape of your mouth to ensure the mouthguard fits with your teeth and jawline.

Lab Development

We send our impressions to the lab, where they make a custom nightguard or athletic mouthguard designed just for you.

Checking Fit

We bring you back into the office to check the fit of your nightguard or athletic mouthguard and make adjustments as needed. 


Personalized sports guards are based on the unique shape of your teeth and jawline, and they offer more protection than generic sports guards that you buy at the store.

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Why The Dental Team Is Your Trusted Source for Nightguards and Sports Guards

There’s a long list of reasons why patients come to us for custom nightguards, sports guards, and other types of dental care. The Dental Team offers patients the following benefits and more:

  • 10 convenient neighborhood locations
  • Extended evening and Saturday hours
  • Emergency dental care appointments
  • 28 dentists + 7 specialists
  • A welcoming environment with Xboxes, colouring stations, and TVs with headphones
  • Patient-focused, friendly dentists

We are detail-oriented, and we work hard to meet the needs of all our patients. Our nightguards and sports guards can provide valuable protection for your mouth.

The Dental Team Is Your Go-to Source for Nightguards and Sports Guards

The Dental Team has offices in convenient locations throughout the Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, and Vaughan areas of Ontario, and we would love to meet your family’s dental needs. We offer preventative, restorative, emergency, and cosmetic dental care as well as orthodontics, children’s dentistry, and more.

Because we have a team of dental specialists and experienced general dentists, The Dental Team can provide any service you need “in-house” without the dental insurance hassle of having to refer you elsewhere. Contact us today to talk about your dental health concerns and to set up an appointment.

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