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A family dental practice located in Brampton. We look forward to greeting you at our relaxed and professional dental office. For your convenience we are open evenings and Saturdays, and accept payments directly from your insurance company.

Heart Lake Dental Care Dental Services

Heart Lake dental Care offers a wide range of excellent dental services for the residents of Brampton, ON. We care about our valued clients and their individual needs. We provide excellent professional dental services to optimize dental health for everyone.  Our dental services in Brampton, ON include:

Emergency Dental Care

A lack of regular check-ups can lead to a dental emergency. We support you by making all emergencies a same-day priority. 

Dental Cleanings

We perform thorough teeth cleaning that will keep your smile clear, removing tartar and plaque to help prevent gum disease and gingivitis. 

Dental Implants

We insert replacement roots for your teeth, designed to support new permanent or removable replacement teeth that look like the real thing. 

Dentistry for Children

Birth to adolescence requires specialized dental care. Our services look after a child’s oral health during this crucial period. 


Invisalign is a popular, low-impact retainer solution. Orthodontics is the practice of treating misalignments of the teeth or jaw.

Night Guards/Sport Guards

Nightguards protect teeth from grinding while asleep, and sports guards protect against dental damage during play.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening gels and other methods can help you achieve a sparkling smile, diminishing or erasing the discoloration caused by age, food and drink, medication, or tobacco use. 


A cavity is a small hole in your tooth that can become bigger over time.  Fortunately, cavities are preventable and treatable.

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns can restore strength, function, and appearance to weak or damaged teeth by placing a custom cap over them. Bridges are false teeth designed to fill gaps by anchoring a porcelain, ceramic, or metal framework to existing teeth.

Dental Fillings

Fillings repair cavities and strengthen worn, broken, or cracked teeth to prevent further damage and can be colour-matched to teeth. 


Dental Bonding

Dental bonding repairs broken or chipped teeth by securing a colour-matched resin covering to the affected area. Other applications include elongating teeth and covering discolouration. 

Root Canal Treatment

Infection or inflammation in a tooth’s root requires careful cleaning and replacement of the affected pulp underneath. 


We craft prosthetic replacements for missing teeth to replace one or more teeth. Modern dentures can be colour-matched to gums and surrounding teeth. 


Slim, custom-made shells fit over a tooth to provide a cleaner appearance and additional strength. 





Periodontal Treatment

This corrects gum infection through methods including nonsurgical treatment, gum grafts, or dental implants.





Cosmetic Dentistry

Our services cover the spectrum of visually and practically enhancing treatments such as whitening, implants, veneers, and colour correction




Wisdom Teeth Removal

This surgical procedure removes one or more of the four permanent adult teeth situated at the back corners of the mouth. Our team has dental specialists with experienced general dentists so we can handle any procedure you need without having to refer you to another practice.

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Meet Our Team


Dr. Janet Ho

Where you grew up: North York and Richmond Hill
Where you attended dental school: University of Toronto
What is your favourite food: Tempura Udon
What would you sing at Karaoke night: Hey Jude
What's your favourite movie: Back to the Future


Dr. Jane Yip

Where you grew up: Ottawa
Where you attended dental school: University of Toronto
The first job I ever had: Tim Horton’s
What is your favourite book: The Book Thief
What's your favourite movie: Midnight in Paris


Dr. Hanin Abdullah

Where you grew up: in the Middle East
Where you attended dental school: University of Toronto
Your favourite activity to do in your spare time: long bike rides
What is your favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
What would you sing at Karaoke night: I will survive by Gloria Gaynor


Dr. Angela Wang

Where you grew up: Mississauga
Where you attended dental school: McGill
The first job I ever had: Violin teacher
Your favourite travel destination: San Francisco
Your favourite sport: Running


Dr. Dalia Gharib

Where you grew up: Windsor Ontario
Where you attended dental school: University of Detroit Mercy
What is your favourite food: ice cream Your favourite sport: volleyball
What would you sing at Karaoke night: any Bon Jovi song

Virdi Karan-MQ

Mr. Karan Virdi

Where you grew up: Brampton
Where you attended dental school: Temple
University Kornberg School of Dentistry in Philadelphia
The first job I ever had: RONA
What would you sing at Karaoke night: Started from the bottom
What's your favourite animal: Elephant


Mr. Robert Stoller

Where you grew up: Ancaster
Where you attended dental school: George Brown
The first job I ever had: delivering newspapers
Your favourite travel destination: Jamaica
What's your favourite movie: The Godfather

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Book an appointment on our website or call (905) 495-7775
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Visit the Heart Lake Dental Care office at your scheduled appointment and receive service from our staff the moment you walk in the door.  

Step 3: After Care Support

We offer continued help and support for our valued clients and provide a great after-care program if required. You can visit us again at any time for any dental needs or adjustments. 


About Heart Lake Dental Care

Heart Lake Dental Care is part of the network of the highest standard of excellence in dental care. Over 21 years The Dental Team has created this network of 10 dental offices across Ontario. Our team of 150 dental professionals offers dental care and dental services to the local residents of Brampton, Milton, Mississauga, Vaughn, and beyond.

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