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Root Canal Treatment From The Dental Team

Root canal treatment can save teeth with extensive decay. Signs that you may need a root canal include severe pain, a chipped or cracked tooth, swollen gums, and sensitivity, but you need to consult a dentist. 

The Dental Team has 35 dentists, to meet your family’s dental needs in Milton, Mississauga, and Brampton, Ontario. Give us a call to talk about root canals or other dental procedures today.

How Root Canals Work

A root canal treatment restores your tooth so you can use it as usual. Here’s a step-by-step look at the process.

Prepping Your Mouth

The dentist numbs your mouth with local anesthesia, then uses a dental dam to isolate the tooth that needs the root canal treatment.

Cleaning the Roots

The dentist numbs your mouth with local anesthesia, then uses a dental dam to isolate the tooth that needs the root canal treatment.

Filling the Root Canals

The dentist fills the canals with a rubber-like material and seals them to keep bacteria out. 

Restoring the Tooth

The dentist ultimately restores the rest of the tooth by adding a filling or putting on a crown.


Most patients can return to their usual daily activities after root canal treatment, but you should expect to be numb for two to four hours after the procedure. We can answer your questions and talk more about root canal treatment when you contact our office.

Why You Need Root Canal Treatment

A root canal eliminates the pain from a damaged or decayed tooth. It also brings the following benefits:

Saving the Tooth

The alternative to a root canal is usually to extract the tooth. This disrupts your smile and can hurt your oral health. 

Protecting Other Teeth

Root canal treatment can help to maintain your natural bite and protect other teeth from excessive strain. 

Avoiding Expensive Long-Term Treatments

Extracting a tooth is usually much cheaper than root canal treatment, but in the long run, replacing the tooth with bridges, dentures, or implants is much more expensive.

Root canal treatment preserves the beauty of your smile and the functionality of your mouth, and we can help. The Dental Team has endodontic specialists who provide root canal treatment — set up an appointment today. 

The Dental Team Dental Service

Why The Dental Team Is Your Trusted Partner for Root Canal Treatments in Ontario

Many dental clinics refer their patients to an endodontic specialist when they need a root canal. The Dental Team has our own endodontic on staff, allowing us to meet the needs of our patients in-house without the potential insurance hassles of referring you elsewhere. People also enjoy the following about our practice: 


  • Convenient locations in Milton, Mississauga, and Brampton, Ontario, find an office today!
  • Extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience
  • Emergency dental appointments
  • Digital X-rays to diagnose whether you need a root canal quickly
  • A Dental team with customized treatment plans to your needs

Our office is committed to your comfort, from when you enter the waiting room through your procedure and afterward. Contact us today and enjoy patient-focused dental care.

The Dental Team is there to help for Root Canals

We handle everything from X-rays to root canals in our dental office, and we would love to help you. Contact us at The Dental Team today to set up an appointment at one of our 10 locations in the GTA — we look forward to helping you improve the health of your mouth. 

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