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Dental Bonding

A chipped or cracked tooth can be unsightly and uncomfortable, but dental bonding can help restore the integrity of your teeth. This cosmetic dental procedure is relatively fast and easy, and most patients don’t even require anesthesia. 

The Dental Team provides dental bonding at our locations throughout Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, and Vaughan, Ontario. Are you dealing with a chipped or cracked tooth? Contact us to talk about your options today. 

Why You Need Dental Bonding

Dental bonding helps to repair broken or chipped teeth. The process offers several advantages, including:

Replaces Enamel

The enamel on your teeth is incredibly strong, and when you get dental bonding, the dentist fills the broken or chipped enamel with a strong composite resin. 

Creates a Natural Look

The resin comes in a range of different shades so your dentist can easily match the colour of your teeth when they apply the dental bonding material.

Protects the Health of Your Teeth

Dental bonding restores the natural surface of your teeth, helping you chew properly and reducing the risk of further damage.

The Dental Team can answer your questions about dental bonding and what the process entails. Contact us today to make an appointment.

What to Expect With Dental Bonding

Your dentist will go over other potential options such as tooth whitening, fillings, or veneers. This is what to expect if you determine that dental bonding is the best solution:

Choosing the Resin Colour

The dentist looks through the colour options to ensure they get the best match for your other teeth. Dental bonding should create a seamless look that isn’t noticeable.

Preparing to Bond

The dentist will roughen the surface to help the bond stick, then apply a bonding agent. 

Adding the Dental Bond

The dentist finally adds the composite resin to the tooth and moulds it into the ideal shape. The team then uses a light to cure the resin and reshapes it as needed.

The composite resin used in dental bonding is nearly as strong as your enamel, but like enamel, it can be damaged. You still need to ensure that you take good care of these teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. 

Smile Gallery

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Why The Dental Team Is Your Trusted Partner for Dental Bonding

Patients come to us for dental bonding and other dental services for many different reasons. We offer our patients the following benefits: 

  • Digital radiographs that give dentists instant images
  • Same-day emergency dental services
  • Detail-oriented services
  • Convenient neighbourhood locations in Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, and Vaughan, Ontario
  • 35 dentists on staff, including seven dental specialists 

We believe in taking care of as many of our patients’ needs “in-house” as possible, and our extensive staff allows us to meet our patients’ dental concerns. Contact us at the Dental Team today to talk about dental bonding and other cosmetic, preventative, and emergency dental services.

The Dental Team Is Your Go-to for Dental Bonding

We have the experience and breadth of services our patients need, but we also offer a family-friendly atmosphere in a comfortable setting. Lean back and watch satellite TV during the procedure and enjoy a relaxing hot towel at the end of the process. 

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment — we look forward to providing you and your family with the dental care you need. 

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