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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a branch of dental practice dedicated to correcting misalignments of the teeth or jaw through a combination of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. These procedures can also address issues like overcrowded or impacted teeth and dental gaps. 

Orthodontic Treatment Performed With Care

The right orthodontic procedure can help patients achieve several desirable goals: a straighter smile, a healthier bite, more comfortable speech patterns, and the ability to sleep and eat with ease. Orthodontic treatment takes several forms requiring attentive care by experienced dentists.

Orthodontic Treatment

An Aid for Children

Dental issues requiring orthodontic care can be hereditary or connected to childhood factors like early tooth loss or thumb sucking. Orthodontic procedures are thus common in children as a proactive way to treat any misalignment issues in their earliest stages. 

Correcting Misaligned Bites

Patients with underbites or overbites may have otherwise healthy teeth, but these jaw misalignments can cause dental problems and muscular pain if not corrected. 

Tackling Tricky Food

Misaligned teeth can provide hiding places for food remnants or make such leftovers difficult to remove. Orthodontic treatment can address these “food traps,” which might cause further tooth and gum issues. 

Combats Teeth Grinding

Improperly aligned teeth can cause patients to grind while they’re awake or asleep. This can lead to worn tooth enamel and chipping of the teeth. Grinding can also be associated with temporomandibular joint disorders. The level of orthodontic care you require will vary.  Speak to our team for reliable guidance. 

Orthodontic Solutions From The Dental Team

Orthodontics applies a gentle but constant pressure to shift teeth in a controlled direction. Orthodontists achieve this with corrective devices that can be removable or fixed. 

Standard Braces

These consist of wires, brackets, and bands that provide an arch-shape designed to gradually bring teeth into the desired location. These are periodically tightened or loosened over time.


Invisalign is a popular, low-impact clear retainer that’s a removable cosmetic advancement on traditionally more visible, fixed braces. 


These are prescribed to patients who have had orthodontic treatment to keep that treatment effective. These can also be removable or fixed. 


There’s no “one size fits all” orthodontic solution. The right approach will depend on your individual circumstances, so consult with a member of The Dental Team at one of our locations. 

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Why The Dental Team Is Your Trusted Partner for Orthodontic Treatments

Our orthodontists and experienced general dentists ensure you receive orthodontic care that is appropriate to your needs. We make that care convenient through the following benefits:

  • 10 convenient neighborhood locations
  • Extended evening and Saturday hours
  • Emergency dental care appointments
  • 28 dentists + 7 specialists
  • A welcoming environment with Xboxes, colouring stations, and TVs with headphones
  • Patient-focused, friendly dentists

We are detail-oriented, and we work hard to meet the needs of all our patients. Our nightguards and sports guards can provide valuable protection for your mouth.

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The Dental Team stays current with best practices and new techniques in the world of orthodontics. We have 10 offices in the GTA, including Creditview Creek, Mavis Bristol, Sunny Ridge, Meadow, Hillsview, Heart Lake, Bronte Hill, and Maplewoods clinics. 

Orthodontic treatment provides various solutions for teeth and jaw issues and is suitable for all age groups. Learn more about it with The Dental Team. 

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