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Are you worried about dental implant pain? A tried-and-true method of replacing teeth is dental implants, which are also one of the most reliable methods. An artificial tooth is inserted into the jawbone during a dental implant, and anytime you undergo surgery of this kind, there will be a certain level of pain. If you are concerned with how much discomfort you will experience, you are not alone.

Many patients become concerned when faced with surgery of any kind, but thankfully, most dental implant surgeries are relatively straightforward. Good bone health and a procedure that does not require a great deal of soft tissue surgery mean your level of discomfort will likely be minor. Many patients report a pain level of between two and three after their surgeries; however, some surgeries require the gum tissue to be lifted as part of the procedure. Some patients report a pain level of three or four for the first 24 hours in these cases.

Your pain tolerance must be taken into consideration when discussing pain thresholds. A pain level of two (on a ten scale) in one person feels like a three or four for someone else. There are general guidelines, and your experience may differ. You also do not need to sit through that first day or two without any help. Many patients find that several over-the-counter pain medications can help reduce pain.

The rest of this guide will answer additional common questions about dental implants. 

How Long Do Dental Implants Hurt?

It was noted that most patients do not experience dental implant pain for very long, but there are exceptions to this. Some patients, under specific circumstances, may experience dental pain a year or more after their surgeries. Below are answers to common questions about pain and dental implants.

Is Throbbing Pain Normal after Dental Implants?

It is normal to feel throbbing pain after dental implants. The tissue of your gums has been strained, and in some cases, the throbbing can last longer than the usual few days. If your discomfort persists, it may be a sign of infection. 

The good news is that you should not have any trouble chewing or biting your food. You will want to get your implants checked if you do feel pain when biting down. The Dental Team takes extra care to prevent any infection or other issues that would cause your discomfort to last longer than a few days.

What if I Experience Dental Pain Years Later?

There are several possible reasons you may experience dental pain years after your surgery. The first and most common reason is that you may be clenching your teeth either while you sleep or when you’re stressed during the day. It’s best to talk to your dentist right away, even if you think you know the cause of your pain.

Is Uncovering Dental Implants Painful?

The “uncovering” part of the entire dental implant surgery is very important for healing. This allows complete integration of the implant. This part of the process has the same level of discomfort as the rest of the procedure when performed correctly.

The vast majority of dental implant surgeries are successful for our clients. The Dental Team wants you to feel secure in your decision to undergo this common procedure. Be sure to contact us with any specific questions before or after your procedure.

Why Does My Dental Implant Hurt When I Chew?

You should not feel pain when you bite down or chew after successful dental implant surgery. Any discomfort you experience when biting down may be due to one or more of the issues listed below.

Misaligned Implant

A tooth implant that has not been aligned properly can cause a patient to experience pain when biting down, although this is extremely rare. The misalignment of the implant forces the implant further into their bone when biting down, resulting in pain. 


An infection – caused by bacteria gathering near the implant – is the most common reason for feeling pain when biting down. The presence of bacteria stems from poor dental hygiene.


An unstable dental implant is likely due to losing bone around the implant. Bone is very durable, but as with any material, friction can cause it to wear away. Smoking can also contribute to your bone breaking down.

Nerve Damage 

Some dental implant pain is caused by nerve damage. This most often happens when an inexperienced dentist accidentally catches a nerve with a tool during the surgery.

Remember that the circumstances listed above are rare. Most patients experience little to no discomfort from dental implant surgery after the initial first few days when the surgery is performed correctly. The Dental Team takes pride in knowing the most up-to-date and safest techniques to ensure their patients a successful experience.

What Is the Worst Part of a Dental Implant?

You may be surprised to hear that the worst part of the procedure for many patients is the post-operation recommendations. We recommend a diet of soft foods for two to three weeks to minimize friction on your gums. This allows your mouth to heal without added stress or strain.

You will also need to resume regular brushing habits in addition to taking pain medication as necessary. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss normally after your recovery period.

Is Removing a Tooth Implant Painful?

You may need to have your dental implant removed if you encounter any of these issues. Patients often wonder if removing a failed implant is painful, and you may be surprised to learn that it is almost entirely painless – in most cases, you will be put under local anesthesia and sleep through the entire procedure.

Dental Implant Surgery Pain is Unusual

Understanding how commonplace and successful most dental implants are means knowing how unusual most dental implant pain is outside the expected recovery period. This guide has armed you with many of the warning signs and possible causes of rare dental implant pain. The friendly staff at The Dental Team is here to answer any questions you may have.

We are dedicated to helping you not only have a successful dental implant but feel confident in your decision. To find The Dental Team location closest to you and set up an appointment, check out our Office Locations page.

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Questions or concerns about a specific dental service or procedure? Contact us now.

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