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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Canada (2024 Guide)

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You’re tired of the slipping, the food restrictions, and feeling like you have to hide your smile. You want that rock-solid confidence a full set of teeth gives. The problem is that everyone’s worried about that “full mouth dental implants cost in Canada” number. Because let’s face it, it’s not exactly a small purchase. 

So, how do you weigh the cost of dental implants against the benefits? Well, that’s exactly what we’re diving into. I’m going to break down what goes into the cost of full mouth dental implants in Canada so you can get a clearer picture and make the decision that’s right for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cost Range: Full mouth dental implants in Canada cost between $7,000 to $30,000 per arch.
  • Cost Factors: Influencing factors include initial assessments, material choice (titanium vs. zirconia), case complexity, location, and additional costs like medications and follow-ups.
  • Advantages: Implants offer better stability, prevent bone loss, and improve appearance and confidence compared to traditional dentures.
  • Insurance and Financing: Some private insurers may cover part of the cost. Dental savings plans and financing options can help spread the expense.
  • Long-Term Value: Despite high upfront costs, implants can last decades, greatly enhancing quality of life and confidence.

Diving Deeper into the Numbers

In Canada, getting a full mouth dental implant can set you back anywhere from $7,000 to a whopping $30,000 per arch. Remember, there are two arches – an upper and a lower.

If you are replacing all the teeth on the upper and lower jaws that cost is per arch. So, yeah, that number can be intimidating. However, what most of us don’t realize is this: dental implants can potentially last for decades, or even a lifetime, especially with those newer zirconia ones – those things are tough.

I’ve seen patients 20 years down the road and those implants are still holding strong. 

Factors Affecting “Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Canada”

This wouldn’t be an honest conversation about full mouth dental implant cost in Canada without understanding the things that drive that number up or down. Here’s what you’ve got to think about:

1. Initial Assessments

Before we even talk implants, you’ll need a full dental exam. The dentist has to figure out if you’re a good candidate and what needs to be done. X-rays, scans, maybe even 3D imaging.

These things help them determine your unique needs. You could end up needing a bone graft if you have some bone loss, and that will affect the overall cost.

2. Material Costs

Not all dental implants are created equal. This is where titanium versus zirconia comes into play. Titanium is the gold standard and a bit cheaper. It’s strong, durable, and integrates well with the bone.

But then you’ve got zirconia coming in with a strong showing – highly biocompatible and even better looking, but with a price tag to match.

3. Complexity of Your Case

Here’s the truth, this is a BIG factor in your overall cost. Things like sinus lifts or extensive bone grafting can drive that “full mouth dental implants cost in Canada” number up. We’re talking about surgical procedures, and the more involved those procedures are, the more time and specialized expertise are required.

4. Where You Live in Canada

Just like with everything else, prices fluctuate in different areas. The big cities – Toronto, Vancouver, think of those places – generally have higher costs than smaller towns. But remember, the cheapest option might not always be the best for you.

5. Additional Costs

Think beyond the initial surgery and implants. You might need medications for post-op recovery, maybe extra appointments for check-ups or adjustments. Don’t forget about things like crowns and abutments – they add to the total cost, too.

Taking a Closer Look at Full Mouth Implants vs. Other Options

You’re probably wondering why anyone would spend so much when traditional dentures or dental bridges exist. But let me break it down.

Dental bridges, for instance, will need to be replaced every 15 years at best. Dental implants though – have the potential to be your permanent solution. Yes, there’s the upfront investment but in the long run, the difference is clear.

Here’s Why People Choose Full Mouth Implants Over Dentures:


With implants, you never have to worry about them moving or falling out. Traditional dentures, not so much. Imagine being able to enjoy a crunchy apple or a juicy steak without thinking twice.

Oral Health

When you lose teeth, you lose bone in your jaw. Implants prevent bone loss, helping to keep your jaw strong and healthy. It’s amazing.

Dental implants act as a tooth’s root, preventing the deterioration that would normally occur after losing your teeth.

Improved Appearance

You won’t believe the impact a full set of stable teeth has on your smile. Not just for your appearance but also for confidence. It’s a complete transformation that I’ve seen firsthand with so many patients.

Navigating Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost: Insurance, Financing and Options

Alright, we’ve talked about the why. But let’s face it – a big number can leave you scratching your head. It’s understandable. What are the options out there for paying for full mouth dental implants cost in Canada?

Exploring Insurance Options:

Some private insurers in Canada provide restorative dental coverage – some may partially cover dental implants as a part of their more comprehensive packages, just like Sun Life or Medavie Blue Cross. Government programs like Canada Dental Benefit, however, won’t typically cover implants. Don’t get discouraged, because there are other options you should be looking at.

Dental Savings Plans and Financing

There are other ways to handle this. You could be eligible for a third-party financing program or perhaps the dental office you choose has a plan. In this scenario,  you might be able to split the cost up into manageable payments over time. This can take a huge load off your shoulders.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedures

You probably know that a missing tooth can cause problems beyond aesthetics. It’s a lot more than just about looking good. Let me give you a clear understanding of what the dental community typically means when they refer to full-mouth restorations using four to six implants:

Implant TypeNumber of ImplantsCost in Canada
Allon44$20,000-$30,000 per arch
Allon66Typically more than All-on-4 due to more implants and stronger support.
Full mouth dental implants cost in Canada

All-on-4 and All-on-6 both refer to the number of implants involved. This type of restoration relies on strategically placed implants, typically 4 to 6, instead of a single implant per missing tooth.

All of the information provided here is based on available research. Always talk with your dentist as it can and varies based on your needs.

Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Now we’re at the BIG question, the million-dollar question it’s more like a multi-thousand-dollar question because full mouth dental implants cost in Canada aren’t cheap. They aren’t. But, consider what they can do for your quality of life.

I’ve seen folks with a brand new sense of confidence – they’re not shy about smiling, and eating all their favorite foods without worry, it can even make you feel and look younger. Can you put a price tag on all that?

Is It For You? Factors to Consider

It’s important to have ALL the information at hand. You have to weigh those upfront costs against the potential long-term benefits carefully. You must understand the treatment process, and think about potential issues like healing time or risks of implant rejection.

The thing is, that risk is extremely low. You’ve got to find an experienced professional such as the professionals at The Dental Team that you trust and then make that decision based on what’s best for YOUR circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap: you understand how critical the question of full mouth dental implants cost in Canada really is, and that the number will fluctuate widely for lots of different reasons. What I want you to know, though, is to think beyond just the upfront price.

This procedure can last decades with proper care and can have a profound impact on your health and self-confidence. Now, armed with knowledge and a deeper understanding of full mouth dental implants cost in Canada you’ll be able to start a conversation with your dentist with confidence. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact The Dental Team today!

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